‘Suthichai AI said that AI will revolutionize information by presenting news and analyzing it faster, with accuracy and in a more engaging way than conventional news presentation.’

THAI PBS reports that a distinguished Thai journalist has been reproduced as a news-presenting AI figure. It debuted at a public event called ‘AI for Thai.’

Video footage of the evening shows the figure on a stage, bowing, sitting down and conversing with an interviewer in Thai.

Suthichai Yoon, the human journalist, is the ‘primary anchor’ for Thai PBS, the state-financed, independent public broadcaster. He is a 50-year news veteran and former editor at The Nation.

His AI version mimics his voice, body movements, and other personal characteristics, says Thai PBS.

Suthichai AI appears onstage (shown in the original Thai)

Known as Suthichai AI, the figure said it will ‘reduce the gap in access to accurate information between urban and rural communities.’ It is reported to be ‘capable of news presentation in Isan and northern dialects and, eventually, southern dialects as well.’

Thailand’s National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre is credited for making Suthichai AI, along with the National Science and Technology Development Agency. There were no details given about the underlying AI systems involved.


  • Thailand is the fourth country with an AI figure for news presenting. China announced AI anchors for its state-run Xinhua news agency in November 2018. Other figures have since been reported for Russia and the UAE.
  • Suthichai AI joins the trend of casting AI news figures to resemble well-known news personalities.
  • ‘Presenting in different dialects’ offers a value proposition for AI presenters. They usually are promoted for ‘tireless’ delivery. This suggests future value for linguistic flexibility.


Thailand’s first AI journalist named ‘Suthichai AI’ unveiled
THAI PBS | September 10, 2019 | unattributed