began as a personal project in 2017. I wanted to keep track of advances in artificial intelligence and began keeping a file of stories. I had reported extensively on the growth of the Internet and experienced its impact on journalism. Developments in AI appeared to be the beginning of a similar shift.

Andrew Cochran, curator

As the collection grew, I thought it might be useful for others.

I hope this database gives journalists everywhere convenient access to pre-vetted context and commentary about journalism and AI.


Every item is hand-picked and human-written. That’s not a value judgment on automation, just how I work. The selection criteria are:

  • the piece presents new information,
  • it is from an authoritative source, and
  • it is written/spoken clearly.

Found items are dated when they were first published and link to the full story. Original stories are dated when they were first posted and link to supporting and complementary items.

Items are organized into one of five subjects and also categorized by type (see the column to the right). Text in the database is searchable using any keyword or phrase (see the masthead search box).


I own and operate without funding from tech companies or news publishers. My first job in journalism was local news reporting and my last one was head of news strategy for CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster. Short bio. Contact.

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Andrew Cochran