About us

Andrew Cochran, curator

journalismAI.com began as a personal project in 2017. I wanted to keep track of the increasing amount of material about artificial intelligence and particularly its impact on journalism. I had followed the early evolution of the Internet, and the developments in AI appeared to be the beginning of a similar shift.

As the collection grew, I thought it might be useful for others. The public website was launched in 2018 to be a freely-available database.


Every item is hand-picked and annotated. That’s not a value judgment on machine tools, just how I work. Before posting, every story is read/watched from start to finish. The selection criteria are:

  • the piece presents new information,
  • it is from an authoritative source, and
  • it is written/spoken clearly.

Items are dated when they were first published and linked to the full story. Original items are dated when they were first posted and link to supporting and complementary items. The site content is searchable and scrollable back to the earliest posts. Each item links to its source.


journalismAI.com offers context, commentary, and updates on AI and journalism without ties to technology or publishing companies. The site exists to help journalists everywhere be equipped for the next disruption.

Ownership Statement

journalismAI.com is owned by Andrew Cochran and is presented without advertising and IP tracking beyond raw metrics (visits, durations, geography of origin). See our Privacy Policy. Andrew Cochran is the ex-head of news strategy for CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster. Short bio. Email.

Original content is copyrighted and available according to the provisions of an Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons license. Third-party content is subject to respective copyrights, marks, and other forms of intellectual property protection.