About us

Whenever the subject of journalism and AI comes up, someone often says, ‘where can I read more about that?’ We’re here to be that place. We offer an independently curated catalogue of resources, developments, and commentary.

We summarize the facts so you can see the emerging ideas quickly. We gather items from:

  • news reports from around the world
  • analysis and op-eds in leading periodicals
  • industry, government, and agency reports
  • academic articles
  • findings in research that may influence events ahead
  • panels, talks, books, quotes – we track them all

We add context where appropriate. The result is an annotated guide to capabilities, limitations, and prospects for AI as they apply to journalism — part what to look for, part ‘look at this.’ 

We show items by recency and by themeAI in the newsroom, AI advances, ethics, and impacts on journalistic trust. There is a large and growing collection of videos. We include a primer on AI fundamentals, a section with reference materials, and a blog. All items are fully searchable.

journalismAI.com was founded in 2018 by Andrew Cochran, ex-head of news strategy for CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster. Short bio.


We are the leading independent resource about the capabilities, limitations, and prospects for artificial intelligence as they apply to the practice of journalism. We want journalists everywhere to be prepared for the next disruption.


Every item is critically assessed before being posted. If it is a video, we screen it from start to finish. If it is text, we read it in its entirety. This includes pieces in our ‘briefs.’ The selection criteria are:

  • it presents new information
  • it is from an authoritative source
  • it is expressed clearly

We summarize/annotate every item and link to source materials. Sourced items adopt the date when the item was published and link to the full story. Original items are dated by when they were first posted and link to supporting and complementary items.

All selection and writing is by humans. That’s not a value judgment, just how we work. Translation is available with an algorithm provided by a third party.


The site is presented without charge, without advertising, and without IP tracking beyond raw metrics (visits, durations, geography of origin). More details are shown in our Privacy Policy.

We will be seeking benefactor and presentation funding to offset costs and extend content choices. If you are from an organization that sees a benefit in our mission, and you agree to be clearly identified to our readership, please contact us. We’d welcome the conversation. Please email Andrew Cochran, using our contact form.


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