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The Story of ELIZA, the First Chatbot Developed In The 1960s | MR JOURNALISM

Conversational computing has its roots in 1966, reports MARKET RESEARCH JOURNALISM in a brief recounting of chatbot history. The earliest versions used pre-programmed…

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OpenAI has released the largest version yet of its fake-news-spewing AI | MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW

GPT-2, a text-generating AI model, created headlines when it first announced in February this year. Its creators released only 8% of its code…

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Predictive AI helps Foxtel drive double-digit growth: Insights for publishers | WNIP

Predicting when a cricket wicket would drop five minutes before it happened helped Foxtel reinvent live sports coverage in Australia with machine learning….

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‘Wafer scale engine’ designed to power AI of the future

The world’s largest computer chip will enable AI models to consider 4 billion parameters at once. That compares to about a million per…

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Baidu announces simultaneous translation service for business users | SiliconANGLE

China tech giant Baidu has developed business-grade translation for real-time use on personal devices. SILCON ANGLE reports the service is intended for situations…

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AI is learning from humans. Many humans. | NEW YORK TIMES

The NEW YORK TIMES reports on the labour-intensive work of turning images and sounds into data. The objective is making training material for…

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Montag is a New Magazine Written Entirely by AI | BEEBOM

Montag is a German-based website of articles generated by an algorithm. BEEBOM reports the online publication was developed by Grover, a Berlin start-up…

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Gary Marcus: Deepmind’s losses and the future of artificial intelligence | WIRED

‘Deep reinforcement learning may not be the royal road to artificial general intelligence, but DeepMind itself is a formidable operation, tightly run and…

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Future of Fast Food: How Valyant AI Plans to Revolutionize the Drive-Thru | OBSERVER

Instead of voice AI that’s trained to handle any question, Valyant AI is focused on expertise in one domain at a time: fast…

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Nvidia just made it easier to build smarter chatbots and slicker fake news | MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW

US chip-maker Nvidia has developed software that dramatically speeds-up natural language processing (NLP). MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW reports on the double-edge sword effect: uses-for-good…