Russian AI anchor joins the Sogou line-up

A Chinese-made news anchor called Lisa is ready to go to work for Russia. The Russian-speaking AI-enabled character was developed by Sogou, a Chinese search and IT company, with Xinhua TV, the state news agency for China in cooperation with ITAR-TASS, the state news agency for Russia. A news release by Xinhua says Lisa commemorates the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Russia.

  • Lisa is the fourth AI anchor made by Sogou for Xinhua.
  • Like the others, Lisa is modelled after a real person, in this case, Elizaveta Zelenskaya, a member of the international relations department at TASS.
  • Another AI anchor made by Sogou will be for Abu Dhabi Media. It also will be based on a human personalty from that country.

Speaking with English translation, AI Lisa said, ‘I will be a tireless anchor reporting the news precisely.’


  • While this looks to be about statecraft, it is another trajectory point for Sogou’s aspiration to deliver trustworthy AI figures.
  • Other AI figures have been seen on Russian news. None have been reported in other jurisdictions, such as India or western countries.
  • This is Sogou’s fourth milestone in six months for AI anchors. The company appears to be moving quickly to entrench its first-mover advantage.


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