BBC News reports Russian television has unveiled Alex, a news-reading robot that appears on its state-owned news channel, Rossiya 24. The report quotes Rossiya 24 that Alex was made in Russia with “software and almost all of its components produced inside the country.”

The robot’s facial features are modelled on the company founder that developed the technology.


Robot news presenter causes a stir on Russian TV
BBC NEWS| April 18, 2019


This Russian News Robot Is So Bad, It’s Proof Some Human Jobs Won’t Be Taken By Bots
INDIA TIMES | April 19, 2019 | by Gwyn D’Mello | ‘Apparently Alex cost the team about Rs 10 lakh to develop, and they’ve supposedly received 12 orders already. It’s not clear who bought them though, or even if they’re all for news channels.’

Robot newscaster unsettles Russian state TV viewers
THE TELEGRAPH | April 17, 2019 | by Alec Luhn |
The humanoid can answer questions and hold a conversation based on data uploaded into its brain, while 29 motors in its silicon face allow it to mimic emotional expressions.’