‘This is an open investigation, and we need your help monitoring the campaigns, companies, governments, and other actors involved’

Kevin Delaney, Quartz EIC

Quartz will gather tips and examples from the public for a new investigative series using machine learning to sort through the ‘troves’ of information. The investigations will be done individually, each focused by theme.

Machine learning will help ‘uncover leads and insights nearly impossible to find’ otherwise.

The first topic is online political influence. Public involvement is by an online sign-up and a tool to upload suspicious political ads on Facebook automatically.

Four staffers will be in the investigations team, led by Quartz AI studio veteran John Keefe. Editor-in-chief Kevin Delaney announced the initiative in a post.


Quartz will use audience and AI to investigate online political influence
QUARTZ | September 10, 2019 | by Kevin J. Delaney