“I’m not sure what to expect when the camera connects, but I’m met by a real human actor with Zae-In’s flawless face pasted on top”

– Amelia Tait

The Guardian’s television section reports on the rising number of AI anchors, focusing on one associated with SBS in South Korea. The first AI anchor debuted in China in 2018 on Xinhua TV; others have since appeared on TV newscasts in several countries.

With Zae-In, the name given the South Korean AI character, the underlying technology applies a human actor’s movements to the virtual figure.

The figure and technique are by Pulse9, a South Korea company specializing in “virtual figure automation technology.”


‘Here is the news. You can’t stop us’: AI anchor Zae-In grants us an interview | THE GUARDIAN | October 20, 2023 | by Amelia Tait