‘While these digital clones will deliver live broadcasts on screen, the correspondents can work on stories in the field simultaneously.’

– Zachy Hennessey

The Jerusalem Post reports ACT News has launched an AI-hosted edition, for TikTok. It is presented by digital clones of two staff reporters, Miri Michaeli and Amit Segal, both Israeli reporters.

Michaeli says she has always wanted more time in the field and applauds how this presentation system allows her to be in two places at once.

Michaeli is a co-founder of the business and chief anchor.


  • The digital likenesses appear to be rendered instead of 3D models, illustrated in a demo on the ACT News website (press “play” required).
  • Editorial inputs are not described in The Post story; for example, if scripts are human-written, generated by another AI system, or some hybrid method.


Israel’s ACT NEWS unveils AI-powered news presented by digital avatar clones | THE JERUSALEM POST | July 30, 2023 | by Zachy Hennessey