“For instance, I do not and will never use AI to produce any analysis, research or writing for publication, much as I would never source a fact from Wikipedia.”

– Caitlin Dewey

In Poynter, Caitlin Dewey offers clear-eyed advice for using AI tools to improve journalistic workflows. She points to the downsides of AI for journalism but also suggests methods she finds helpful.

Examples are learning new subjects, finding the best word for the purpose, and coming up with interview questions.

She has eleven that require no literacy with programming except entering text in the large language model of your choice.

Caitlin Dewey is a writer based in Buffalo, New York and advisor to the Poynter-Koch Journalism and Media Fellowship program. Her work appears in several newspapers and magazines.


11 practical and responsible ways I have improved my journalism with AI | POYNTER | October 3, 2023 | by Caitlin Dewey