“The three guiding principles are that the BBC will always act in the public’s best interests, prioritize talent and creativity by respecting the rights of artists, and be open and transparent about AI-made output.”

– Emilia David

The BBC believes generative AI offers “a significant opportunity for the BBC to deepen and amplify our mission,but also presents “new and significant risks if not harnessed properly.” The statements was in a blog post by Rhodri Talfan Davies, BBC’s Director of Nations, who was tasked with examining gen AI for the public broadcaster.

The Verge says BBC will launch “a number of projects,” examining generative AI possibilities in “what we make and how we work.” The projects will include work with third parties.

Like many mainstream publishers, the public broadcaster is blocking OpenAI bots from collecting BBC content to train OpenAI’s models, saying unauthorized use of their content “is not in the public interest.”


The BBC is blocking OpenAI data scraping but is open to AI-powered journalism | THE VERGE | October 6, 2023 | by Emilia David

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