“To me if we can reinvent a deeper, more personalized, more customized version of journalism that isn’t taking you down a rabbit hole but is really enabling you to more comfortably interact with news, that’s fantastic.”

– Jeremy Gilbert

Journalism AI pioneer Jeremy Gilbert looks at future uses of AI in newsrooms in this interview with Poynter. The conversation is presented as an edited transcript.

Gilbert acknowledges there still is a lot of fear about what AI may mean for journalism, but he foresees a time when generative AI doesn’t feel “so magical. . . because it’ll be so common.”

Now the Knight Chair for Digital Media Strategy at Northwestern, Gilbert previously headed AI innovation projects at The Washington Post. He has worked with AI tools since 2009.


‘Generative AI doesn’t require us to reimagine journalism, but it gives us a really good excuse’ | POYNTER | September 22, 2023 | by Mark Caro