“. . . we must discuss how to rule AI; we must ask for laws and governance and argue for the need to democratise it and make it a transparent and inspectable technology – which is by far the most critical challenge we have to face, much, much more important than copyright issues.”

– Alberto Puliafito

In What’s New In Publishing, Alberto Puliafito joins a growing list of organizations and individuals proposing guidelines for AI tools in responsible journalism. He suggests policies for:

  • Transparency
  • AI ethics and governance
  • Data privacy
  • Human oversight
  • Legal frameworks

Puliafito also points to risks of bias, misinformation, job displacement, and public trust.

Alberto Puliafito is a journalist, consultant, media analyst, and editor-in-chief of Slow News. His piece was originally published in The Fix and reprinted in WNIP.


Alberto Puliafito: How to use generative AI in news publishing – Policies and challenges | WHAT’S NEW IN PUBLISHING | June 23, 2023 | by Alberto Puliafito