“Over at The Verge, staff are ‘on guard,’ editor Nilay Patel tells me, while noting that this isn’t the first time newsrooms have geared up for a deluge of deepfakes. ‘What our newsroom took away from 2020 was that the people trying to trick you are often really quite lazy. The technology was actually there to do convincing deepfakes, it was just too hard to use,’ Patel says. ‘Now, it’s gotten slightly easier.

– Charlotte Klein

VANITY FAIR asks if big media is ready for the possible impacts generative AI may have in the upcoming US election cycle. The concern is that faked content may be harder to detect/verify and, simultaneously, easier to generate.


“This will be dangerous in elections” – Political Media’s Next Big Challenge is Navigating AI Deepfakes
VANITY FAIR | March 6, 2023 | by Charlotte Klein