‘Google’s videos should be useful, since many of them appear to be incredibly realistic, especially to users who have no point of reference.’

Google is adding to a growing effort to combat deepfakes, reports SILICON ANGLE. Concerns are mounting about their potential to create confusion as well as defaming people, and undermining public trust.

Google is releasing 3,000 examples of deepfakes that it had produced by using actors.

The videos are intended as a training set. They show comparisons of the actual person and the corresponding deepfake.

Early this month, Facebook said they would release a set of deepfake examples for research. Facebook also announced a ‘Deepfake Detection Challenge,’ with up to $10 million for projects that develop effective tools.


Google releases videos to help researchers create better ‘deepfake’ detection tools
SILICON ANGLE | September 25, 2019 | by Mike Wheatley