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‘Although it hasn’t brought about the job losses many feared (quite the opposite, in fact, according to some experts), conclusions drawn by machines are not always correct, meaning journalists need to continuously question outcomes, validate methodologies, and ensure explainability.’ 

The WORLD ASSOCIATION OF NEWS PUBLISHERS offers a 28-page report with analysis of how AI is being used in newsrooms around the world. Examples are combinations of machine and human intelligence to improve story recommendations (Dagens Næringsliv/Norway) or to localize public data (RADAR/UK).

The authors summarizeAI can benefit resource-challenged newsrooms, by conducting repetitive tasks, augmenting decision making and helping to deliver a more tailored and engaging offering to news audiences.’ They also give examples of uses in investigative projects.

Case studies included:

  • MittMedia, Sweden
  • The Business Times, Singapore
  • Aftenposten, Norway
  • Dagens Næringsliv, Norway
  • Tamedia, Switzerland

The report is free for WAN/INFRA members and €150 for non-members.


Trends in Newsrooms #2: The Rise of AI
World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers | September 25, 2019 | by Simone Flueckiger


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