‘…the danger is that once again, journalism will be left chasing after the change instead of meeting the challenge.’

AI is touching journalism from gathering through distribution, and bigger changes are ahead, writes LSE professor Charlie Beckett. He’s canvassed 70 practitioners worldwide about AI and journalism, in a sweeping study by Polis, the journalism think-tank he heads at LSE.

The full report is due in mid-November.

This piece reads like a preview of at least some of the themes to come:

  • Positives – Individual ingenuity and possibilities for beneficial effects
  • Potential obstacles – New investment needed, old aversions to change, the need for less complex tools and, generally, more knowledge of the area
  • Cautions – Journalism commands only a fraction of AI activity and needs to work that much harder to keep up

The Google News Initiative is a funder of the Polis study.


AI: time to crack on
IN PUBLISHING | September 24, 2019 | by Charlie Becket