The findings aren’t about using A.I. for marginal gains, like better ad targeting or for preventative maintenance. We’re talking about upending business models.

FORBES says two recent developments using AI models have been underreported:

  • Pharmaceutical development in record time – A new drug went from molecular testing to animal trials in 46 days. Normal timelines involve years, leading to multi-million dollar expenditures before marketplace income. Using AI, the developers explored 30,000 variations and narrowed them down to 6 for in-depth analysis. Forbes says the change also could impact the dynamics between small start-ups and Big Pharma.
  • New insights in chemistry – AI models creating new ways to see things previously not possible. Deep neural networks are presenting a way of seeing the structure of chemical elements in experiments done at DeepMind, a UK AI lab owned by Alphabet. Forbes says better chemistry could lead to completely new materials.


Why These Two Innovations In Artificial Intelligence Are So Important: Eye on A.I.
FORBES | September 17, 2019 | By Jeremy Kahn and Jonathan Vanian