According to investors, more international journals, as well as conference and patent information, will be covered by the automated systems in the future.’

The Chinese Academy of Sciences is publishing AI-generated stories in its daily newspaper, says China’s state-run news service, Xinhua. They say scientific experts and editors review the AI-generated versions before publication.

The Xinhua report says the AI system translates, extracts, and summarizes content from leading scientific journals such as Nature, New England Journal of Medicine, Cell, The Lancet, Science, and others.

Xinhua quotes the inventors saying the system has created more than 200 stories. The time frame was not indicated.

The Academy is said to be the ‘highest academic institution in natural sciences’ in China. It publishes China Science Daily Monday-Friday to about 100,000 readers.


Chinese newspaper has robot writer of science news
XINHUA | August 2, 2019 | unattributed