‘…the largest U.S. bank says Persado’s “artificial intelligence message machine” wrote ads that generated two to five times the response it got from traditional human copywriters.’

New York AI company Persado won a five-year contract with banking giant JPMorgan Chase with copy written by an AI system. The AI pitch out-performed the human copy 5 to 1, measured by responses generated, according to SFGate.

Here’s the winning copy comparison:

  • Human: ‘Access cash from the equity in your home,’ paired with a button to ‘Take a look.’
  • AI: ‘It’s true — You can unlock cash from the equity in your home’ together with a button saying ‘Click To Apply.’

In another example, the AI system got two times the response rate:

  • Human: ‘Hurry, It Ends December 31 Earn 5% Cash Back At Department Stores, Wholesale Clubs
  • AI: ‘Regarding Your Card: 5% Cash Back Is Waiting For You’


JPMorgan Chase picks AI over humans to write ads
SF GATE | August 3, 2019 | by Joseph N. DiStefano