‘there’s an immediate need to start framing the conversation in this way – as a partnership rooted in trust, empathy and understanding – rather than continuing to discuss AI in fear, and develop the technology without enabling it to really relate to us.’

True trust is two-way, says the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, suggesting a social contract with AI is required to build trust between people and intelligent machines.

They suggest algorithms of the future include emotional intelligence abilities as well as cognition.

They believe the need will grow as our relationship with technology becomes more of a partnership.

This short position paper is a prelude to the Emotion AI Summit in October, which will take place in Boston and presented by an MIT spin-out called Affectiva, ‘an emotion measurement technology company,’


How do we build trust between humans and AI?
WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM | August 01, 2019 | by Rana El Kaliouby