‘Users’ daily video newscast is tailor-made by AI and machine learning algorithms, based on their location, and preferences. They can also create their own newscasts, add comments, and share it with other users and friends on social media like Twitter, or Instagram.’

AI is helping a news app compete in the crowded Indian marketplace, according to this Quartz piece. Editor Ji offers ad-supported news with video and text options in English and Hindu.

AI systems help create video summaries, customize presentation for individual users, and target ads.

Quartz says about 70 journalists combine original writing and aggregated reports drawn from news agencies. They publish about 200 videos daily.

India news veteran Vikram Chandra launched Editor Ji.


TV anchor Vikram Chandra bets on AI-powered short videos to fix India’s broken news scene
QUARTZ | July 29, 2019 | By Sangeeta Tanwar