“On Twitter, there are two camps: the safety-first technocrats, led by venture firms like General Catalyst in partnership with the White House; and the self-described “techno-optimists,” led by libertarian-leaning firms like Andreessen Horowitz.” 

– Ainsley Harris

Fast Company defines two philosophies in how AI should be developed and deployed. Broadly speaking, one advocates held-in-common guidelines or regulation (“the technocrats”) while the other emphasizes innovation and commercialization (“the techno-optimists”).

Fast Company says techno-optimists believe entrepreneurship can be a powerful positive force and quotes AI researcher Joscha Bach for his techno-optimist thinking, “I want to build an AI agent that I am okay with giving to my children”

The so-called technocrats by contrast focus on having widely-adopted principles for “responsible AI,” created by cross-sections of stakeholders united by their belief in the need for safe deployment.


The AI safety debate is tearing Silicon Valley apart | FAST COMPANY | November 19, 2023 | by Ainsley Harris