“. . . the need for hands-on familiarity with applied AI in journalism becomes even more critical because of the likelihood that the entire information ecosystem within which journalism exists will undergo transformation.”

– David Caswell

This substantive piece by journalism and technology expert David Caswell suggests the steps ahead for newsrooms exploring AI. Caswell is a “consultant, builder and researcher” who focuses on AI systems applied in news.

He organizes his analysis in four areas:

  • Applying generative AI to news product & editorial strtagies
  • How to deploy generative AI in newsrooms
  • Infrastructure for an AI-ready newsroom
  • Organizational structure for AI-empowered teams

Caswell goes on to offer his glimpse of the future in “the next information ecosystem.”


AI and journalism: What’s next? | REUTER’S INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF JOURNALISM | September 19, 2023 | by David Caswell