“. . . as AI prompts get increasingly more complex and collaboration between AI and humans grows closer to a creative dialog, our vision of what constitutes authorship may need to change.”

– Will Bedingfield

Wired examines the “serial litigant” behind a parade of lawsuits seeking to have an AI model legally regarded as a creator. Stephen Thaler is a Missouri-based inventor and AI researcher who has created DABUS, an AI model he wants to be recognized for its personhood.

Others supporting Thaler see his quest as a way to change how intellectual property law treats AI models.

Intellectual property law currently says IP rights can only be held by persons, and neither courts nor legislation confers personhood to AI models.


The Inventor Behind a Rush of AI Copyright Suits Is Trying to Show His Bot Is Sentient | WIRED | August 31. 2023 | by Will Bedingfield