This isn’t a wholesale replacement of human-created journalism like many are afraid may happen as AI evolves and companies adopt it, but it is a reminder that AI is coming for the way you consume news…whether you like it or not.

– Alex Perry

Google’s Chrome browser will soon offer summaries of the articles it finds. The plan was outlined in a Google blog post and reported by Mashable.

The description says users can jump into sections of the text from the summary.

Google says the feature is already available on the Google app for Android and iOS devices and will be available in desktop Chrome “in the days ahead.”

The feature is part of what Google calls its “generative AI-powered search experience,” which it abbreviates to SGE. The new capability is called “SGE while browsing.”

The technology works with content that is not paywall protected.


Google Chrome will use generative AI to summarize articles | MASHABLE | August 15, 2023 | by Alex Perry