“Some companies told Reuters they are embracing ChatGPT and similar platforms, while keeping security in mind.”

Richa Naidu, Martin Coulter and Jason Lange

A Reuters/Ipsos poll found ChatGPT is “regularly” used in 28% of U.S. businesses. The confidence range for the poll was +/- 2%.

Typical uses, reported anecdotally, were email, summarization, and research.

The poll found 22% of companies explicitly permit using AI models, and 10% prohibit them in their workplaces. Major concerns were disclosing company strategy or misuse of intellectual property.

The survey canvassed 2.625 adults throughout the United States and asked for practices involving ChatGPT during one week in July.


ChatGPT fever spreads to US workplace, sounding alarm for some | REUTERS | August 11, 2023 | by Richa Naidu, Martin Coulter and Jason Lange