What happens when the web becomes dominated by so much AI generated content that new models are trained not on human-made material, but on AI outputs? Will we be left with some kind of cursed digital ouroboros eating its own tail?. 

– Samantha Floreani

In The Guardian, Samatha Floreani criticizes increasing uses of generative AI for news publishing. Citing the potential for misinformation, inaccuracies, and “truly awful reading,” she suggests they do nothing to improve the current state of journalism and will make it worse.

She goes on to speculate about degradation in quality if large language models overuse their own synthetic data.

Samantha Floreani is a Melbourne-based writer and digital rights activist.


Is artificial intelligence a threat to journalism or will the technology destroy itself? | THE GUARDIAN | August 5, 2023 | by Samantha Floreani