‘The arrangement sees OpenAI licensing part of AP’s text archive, while AP will leverage OpenAI’s technology and product expertise,’ the two organizations said in a joint statement.

– Matt O’Brien.

AP and OpenAI will jointly explore journalism with generative AI. The two companies have signed a two-year agreement to work together on use cases for generative AI in news.

As part of the deal, OpenAI gains access to certain AP news content to train its models on AP’s content.

AP currently does not use generative AI for its news products or services. The company implemented other AI tools as early as 2014, for example, to produce earnings reports and report sports scores, making it one of the first major news organization to incorporate AI tools in regular operations. OpenAI was the first company to release generative AI to the public.

Financial terms were not disclosed.



ChatGPT-maker OpenAI signs deal with AP to license news stories
AP | July 13, 2023 | by Matt O’Brien