“. . . other parts of news organizations such as sales and marketing could also benefit from using generative AI. Should they have separate guidelines?” 

– Hannes Cools and Nick Diakopoulos

This piece usefully synthesizes 21 guideline documents published to date by journalism organizations around the world. The authors also offer three “guidelines for guidelines” covering the impact of existing guidelines and code, consideration of risk assessment, and who best to participate in drafting.

They promise updates as more become available (see the second link below).

Both writers are academic researchers who specialize in the area. Hannes Cools is a postdoctoral researcher at the AI, Media, and Democracy Lab in Amsterdam. Nick Diakopoulos is a professor of computational journalism at Northwestern University and the author of Automating the News: How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Media (2019).


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Writing guidelines for the role of AI in your newsroom? Here are some, er, guidelines for that | NEIMANLAB | July 11, 2023 | by Hannes Cools and Nick Diakopoulos