“We humans still have a competitive advantage when it comes to one dimension against A.I., that is care. AI couldn’t care less. It cannot intrinsically care. So journalists or those doing acts of journalism need to make up for what’s lost, and care more.”

Jennifer Brandel

The ICFJ summarizes key takeaways from their conference on journalism with AI. The three-day event featured central questions asked and answered, such as:

  • What questions should newsrooms ask themselves before using AI?
  • How can we prevent AI from spreading disinformation? Is AI hallucinating?
  • What can AI do for audiences?
  • Is AI going to replace journalists?
  • Can AI improve how journalists work?
  • What can journalists do that AI can’t?


How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Journalism Without Losing Audience Trust
INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR JOURNALISTS | June 14, 2023 | by Heloise Hakimi Le Grand