“Some Chinese experts believe that overseas companies are likely to still reign on the global AI stage when it comes to cutting-edge technology. Building up local competitors to ChatGPT will face challenges, such as gaps in training models, the availability of data sets, as well as the uniqueness of the Chinese language itself.”

– Ben Jiang

One study of China-made large language models (LLMs) ranks Baidu’s the most capable. The South China Morning Post says the Xinhua Institute assessed four LLMs and found Ernie, by Baidu, to be the best performer.

Xinhua Institute is affiliated with Xinhua News Agency, China’s state news organization.

The South China story says a second comparative test was conducted by a Chinese website and found an LLM from cybersecurity firm Qihoo scored the highest. The story says none of the models in either test outperformed ChatGPT by OpenAI.


Baidu’s Ernie Bot tops Chinese large language model rankings by Xinhua think tank, but lags OpenAI’s ChatGPT
SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST | June 12, 2023 | by Ben Jiang