“FT journalism in the new AI age will continue to be reported and written by humans who are the best in their fields and who are dedicated to reporting on and analysing the world as it is, accurately and fairly.”

– Roula Khalaf

The Financial Times will have a series of masterclasses for its journalists about using generative AI for story discovery. The plan is one of many outlined by the editor, Roula Khalaf, writing in a published piece

Khalaf says it’s “important and necessary” for the newsroom team to explore applications using generative AI. Examples include data mining, analyzing/summarizing text, and translation.

They’ll keep records of all experiments with “an internal register, including, to the extent possible, the use of third-party providers who may be using the tool.”


Letter from the editor on generative AI and the FT
FINANCIAL TIMES | May 26, 2023 | by Roula Khalaf