“. . .exploring the possibilities afforded by the new generation of tools is not optional – though we are still examining how to make most appropriate use of them. “

– Reuters memo

An internal memo posted by TBN details Reuters‘ thinking about using AI models in their newsrooms. The document shows editor-in-chief Alessandra Galloni and ethics editor Alix Freedman as co-authors, outlining their “four pillars” for Reuters‘ use of AI system:

  • AI tools can benefit journalism and are the latest in many methods adopted by Reuters, “from pigeons to the telegraph to the Internet.”
  • Reuters‘ journalists will approve any AI-generated content. “A Reuters story is still a Reuters story.”
  • Reuters will provide “robust disclosure” about its use of AI tools, especially when it “is material to the result.”
  • Consistent with the Reuters “Trust Principles,” reliability will come first, adding, “Our mantra: Be skeptical and verify.”


What Reuters is telling its journalists about using artificial intelligence
TBN | May 14, 2023 | posted by Chris Roush