“To be explicitly clear, we do not blindly copy and paste what tools like ChatGPT generate, nor do we let AI write entire stories. Instead, we will use AI to inspire and strengthen our work — overcoming writer’s block, improving our storytelling, and exploring new angles.”

– Michael Nunez

VentureaBeat’s editorial director, Michael Nunez, lays out his vision for AI in their newsroom in an open letter to staff. Earlier comments from Nunez on a panel about AI were spotlighted in a recent story by Bloomberg.

This piece responds to the earlier reporting and goes further.

Ninez describes how he sees “collaborating” with AI tools while keeping journalism fundamentals intact. Among other benefits, he sees possibilities “to overcome human limitations, like fatigue, groupthink and implicit biases.”


Letter from the editor: How generative AI is shaping the future of journalism and our newsroom
VENTUREBEAT | May 2, 2023 | by Michael Nunez