“. . . media companies have an opportunity to become a major player in the space – they possess some of the most valuable assets for AI development: text data for training models and ethical principles for creating reliable and trustworthy systems.’

Francesco Marconi

Newsroom AI pioneer Francesco Marconi says we are entering the third wave of machine-assisted journalism, which has evolved from automation and augmentation to generation. Marconi is one of five thinkers interviewed for this piece from the Reuters Institute for Journalism.

Others quoted in the piece include FT’s new editor for AI, Madhumita Murgia, and Professor Charlie Beckett, who runs the Polis think tank at the London School of Economics and has been studying and leading initiatives in AI in journalism for several years.

The piece also highlighted frontline work by Pedro Henriques and Jenny Romano, who run an AI journalism start-up called The Newsroom.


Is ChatGPT a threat or an opportunity for journalism? Five AI experts weigh in
REUTERS INSTITUTE | March 24, 2023 | by Marina Adami