“(Generating story ideas) may save some time and we will keep exploring how this can be useful. But some limited testing we’ve done has shown that it can also produce false leads or boring ideas.”

Gideon Lichfield

WIRED defines more what it won’t be doing with generative AI than what it will – and deliberately so. Editor Gideon Lichfield says they want to be “appropriately circumspect” when working with large language models and image generators alike. Specifically, their policy says WIRED will not publish

  • stories with text generated by AI
  • text edited by AI
  • AI-generated images or video

Uses may be possible in assistive areas, such as brainstorming ideas, where a human editor makes the final choice.


How WIRED Will Use Generative AI Tools
WIRED | March 2, 2023 | by Gideon Lichfield