. . . . creating and refining the text prompts people type into the AI in hopes of coaxing from it the optimal result. Unlike traditional coders, prompt engineers program in prose, sending commands written in plain text to the AI systems, which then do the actual work.

Drew Harwell

The newest job in the AI economy is “prompt engineer.” The job description is constructing a query that a large language model understands completely.

Some think prompt engineers are a fad, eventually to be replaced by better AI models or greater prompting familiarity with prompt construction, much like people got better at searching with Google.

For now, they command attention and income. The Washington Post reports one job posting for a prompt engineer with a starting salary of more than $300,000.


Tech’s hottest new job: AI whisperer. No coding required.
THE WASHINGTON POST | February 25, 2023 | by Drew Harwell