“You have to deploy it to a million people before you discover some of the things that it can do”

– Dario Amodei, interviewed for the story

Early in-the-field exchanges with the Bing bot show erratic or wrong answers, raising questions about premature public availability. Wide-scale introductions of AI systems known as large language models (LLMs) have accelerated in recent weeks, with notable giants including Microsoft, which owns Bing, and Google, which announced its soon-to-come LLM, Bard.

The new Bing is limited to special access users for testing and reviewing.

Some interviewed by The Washington Post say the results can be alarming. Others suggest this is a natural stage in the evolution of the new technology.


Microsoft’s AI chatbot is going off the rails | THE WASHINGTON POST | February 16, 20,23 | by Gerrit De Vynck, Rachel Lerman and Nitasha Tiku