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In virtually all cases additional work is needed to evaluate the quality of output for the tasks. In general, I would not recommend using ChatGPT for these tasks without a strict and close editorial process for fact-checking outputs before anything is published.”

Nick Diakopoulos

Author, researcher, and professor Nick Diakopoulos comments on ChatGPT’s usefulness in several areas of newsroom work. He examines tasks identified as being in demand by the Associated Press report on AI in local news.

His analysis looks at suitability and considerations within thirteen functions:

  • Content Discovery 
  • Document Analysis 
  • Translation 
  • Tips Processing
  • Social Media Content Creation 
  • Automated Writing (Structured Data) 
  • Automated Writing (Unstructured Data)
  • Newsletters
  • Text Summarization 
  • Comment Moderation 
  • Content Transformation and Reuse 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Push-Alert Personalization


What Could ChatGPT Do for News Production?
MEDIUM | February 15, 2023 | by Nick

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