“The challenges that newsrooms faced when using automated news to cover COVID-19 demonstrate the difficulties associated with having to rely on external datasets.”

– Samuel Danzon-Chambaud

The Tow Center for Digital Journalism surveyed nine news organizations for how they used automated tools to cover the COVID-19 pandemic. They point to the value of applying computational thinking in news gathering.

Among other key findings, the report documents ways news organizations adapted methods to process third-party datasets.

The nine news providers examined in the report were:

  • Bayerischer Rundfunk, Germany
  • Bloomberg News, United States
  • Canadian Press, Canada
  • Helsingin Sanomat, Finland
  • NTB, Norway
  • Omni, Sweden
  • RADAR, United Kingdom
  • Tamedia, Switzerland
  • The Times, United Kingdom

Story author Danzon-Chambaud is a Knight News Innovation fellow at the Tow Center.


Covering COVID-19 with automated news | COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW | August 6, 2021 | by Samuel Danzon-Chambaud