Oxford Internet Institute + Google explain AI

‘J’ is for journalism in an A-Z explainer about AI published online by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) in collaboration with Google.

The outcome is 26 short takes on a range of entry-level topics. Items also can be arranged by sub-topics. For example, AI fundamentals includes Bias and Datasets, or Making AI has entries for Neural networks and Zeros & ones. Journalism is grouped under Society & AI, along with Climate, Ethics, Fakes, and You. A fourth sub-set is Using AI, with entries such as Robotics and Virtual assistants.

Image on this page and homepage from A-Z of AI
  • The 26 topics aren’t intended to be exhaustive, say the authors, and rather are meant to ‘help anyone get their bearings and understand the basics.’
  • The journalism entry says ‘journalists are using AI to transform the news industry.’ AI applications are framed as a support for newsrooms. It describes uses in research, writing, and distribution.

‘Journalists around the world are exploring how AI can help monitor news sources, organize information, find unexpected links and distribute stories.’

from the entry for Journalism


The A-Z of AI
Oxford Internet Institute in collaboration with Google
March 25, 2020

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