‘Algorithm design is an important new way for thinking about media diversity in society.’

– Nick Diakopoulos

News algorithms can be powerful expressions of journalistic values, says journalism AI specialist Nick Diakopoulos. Writing in Columbia Journalism Review, he suggests algorithms align with individual news organizations.

They can be tuned to reflect in-house beliefs in transparency, accuracy, or other factors.

All newsrooms should express no single set of values, he argues. Instead, algorithms can and should become a new way of achieving diversity of voices. Tailoring algorithms by organizations will distance news companies from tech platforms.

Diakopoulos is a professor at Northwestern University, a fellow at the Tow Centre, a frequent speaker and commentator on journalism with AI, and the author of a leading book in the field, Automating the News.


The journalistic newsfeed: editorial values and algorithms
COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW | December 13, 2019 | by Nick Diakopoulos