“Agents are increasingly one of the only human connections people have with brands in a digital world, so we want to coach them to improve their performance with AI and augment them on live calls with insights that can be used to personalize the customer experience.”

A new twist on the augmented workplace is using AI systems to tell call centre workers how to improve human service. VENTURE BEAT reports on a system offered by start-up Observe.AI that uses natural language processing to analyze several aspects of a human-to-human call.

  • Sentiment analysis can identify customer happiness with answers given by the customer service representative (CSR)
  • ‘Dead-air analysis’ can determine what caused gaps in an exchange, for example was it lack of knowledge by the CSR, or a customer pausing to consider options, or the call being put on hold by either party.
  • Compliance with suggested procedures can also be measured, for example in the phrases a CSR used to advance toward a sale.
  • Top-performing CSRs can be flagged by the system, and their responses in turn used for training others.


Observe.ai raises $26 million for AI that monitors and coaches call center agents
VENTUREBEAT | December 10, 2019 | by Paul Sawers