IBM Trials A.I. That Can Do Soccer Commentary | FORBES

‘…the system tracks players in real-time and can identify passes, crosses and shots on goal. For pre-selected video highlights, it can also incorporate commentary based on statistics and standings drawn from a database’

A proof-of-concept for AI-driven sports commentary was demonstrated by IBM researchers at the NeurIPS AI conference.

The system was not without some limitations but suggests a path towards more sophisticated coverage that may become suitable for smaller audiences, for instance amateur and semi-pro games. FORBES says it also might one day assist with packaging highlights for pro team coverage.

  • Certain phrases were overused by the system (‘here comes the cross!’) said people who attended the demonstration
  • Emotional moments were also lacking, such as the excitement of a goal
  • Both re on a to-do list in future iterations


IBM Trials A.I. That Can Do Soccer Commentary
FORBES | December 9, 2019 | by Jeremy Kahn

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