South China Morning Post uses AI to track reader loyalty | INMA

‘Identifying potential loyal readers is beneficial not only for maximising marketing budgets, but also creating personalised reader experiences.’

Reader engagement is up at the South China Morning Post with a machine learning algorithm that tracks user loyalty, reports SCMP in an article for INMA. The Post developed its own predictive algorithm for the task, called Bluefin.

The namesake tuna species is known to be loyal to its birthplace. SCMP says the name was also appropriate because ‘just as the bluefin tuna are critically endangered, loyal readers are increasingly rare. Both need protection and cultivation to return to healthy population levels.’

  • Results were used to optimize marketing campaigns
  • Reader engagement went up 58-78%
  • Costs for marketing improved by 36-52%
  • Next steps include predicting if new users can become loyal users


South China Morning Post uses AI to track reader loyalty | INTERNATIONAL NEWS MEDIA ASSOCIATION | November 26, 2019 | by Korey Lee (VP Data for SCMP)

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