Introducing AI is second only to ‘shifting revenue models’ as a major challenge facing worldwide newsrooms, says a global study. The International Center for Journalists canvassed newsrooms in 149 countries and 14 languages and had 4,100 journalists and news managers participate.

The report finds training gaps in the kinds of skills journalists are seeking:

  • The greatest split is in understanding AI: respondents say training is offered in 5% of newsrooms, while 42% are interested.
  • The greatest demand is for data skills: 79% say they want training in data analysis/working with data, but only 41% say it is presently available.
  • Respondents say they also want to gain skills in cybersecurity, podcasting, fact-checking tools, and promoting their work on social media.
  • Current training programs tend to be in production for video and audio.
  • More than two-thirds of respondents said ‘digital tools have a positive impact.’

The 82-page report also covers business models, leadership, tools, and practices.

Table 9 from the ICFJ Global Technology Sutvey

Google News Initiative supported the study.


Diana Owen – Professor at CCT
Fatima Bahja and Sharon Moshavi – ICFJ, credited for assistance in writing the report


The State of Technology in Global Newsrooms
ICFJ 2019 | October 15, 2019