‘…it’s likely to be a long while before machines can really converse with us. Language is deceptively difficult for machines to make sense of, in part because of its compositional complexity: words can be rearranged to unlock infinite meaning.’

US chipmaker Nvidia has developed software that dramatically speeds up natural language processing (NLP). MIT Technology Review reports on the double-edged sword effect.

Uses-for-good include voice assistants that do more and sound more natural, but bad actors gain more sophisticated ways to deceive users with fake media.

Nvidia optimized speed and data to reach its new NLP plateau:

  • Training is quicker – from weeks to days
  • Processing is faster – from 40 milliseconds to under 2 milliseconds
  • Modelling is with more data– their new model has 8.6 million parameters


Nvidia just made it easier to build smarter chatbots and slicker fake news
MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW | August 13, 2019 | by Will Knight