‘the word intelligence does not adequately explain what is occurring, and ascribing anthropomorphic qualities to AI is out of order… What AI can do is to perform well-specified tasks to help discover associations between data and actions, providing solutions for quandaries people find difficult and perhaps impossible. This process creates new forms of automation and in time might yield entirely new ways of thinking.’

Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt, MIT Dean of Computing Daniel Hutrtenlocher, and global statesman Henry Kissinger combined to write this sweeping piece for The Atlantic.

Kissinger prompted lots of attention when he wrote earlier about AI implications for The Atlantic, a little over a year ago.

‘we should accept that AI is bound to become increasingly sophisticated and ubiquitous, and ask ourselves: How will its evolution affect human perception, cognition, and interaction? What will be its impact on our culture and, in the end, our history?’


The Metamorphosis
THE ATLANTIC | August 2019 | by Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, and Daniel Huttenlocher