‘AI is scanning 25,000 shows, movies and closed captioning, then assigning keywords and sentiments to that content.’ 

Marketers are matching TV storylines with ads using machine learning, reports ADWEEK. For example, a driving scene could be followed by an ad for car insurance.

It’s known as ‘contextual advertising.’

ADWEEK says the AdSmart Context software is ready to roll out later this year on NBCUniversal. A short workflow description indicates the system uses the closed-caption stream for program content, and a proprietary AI system determines the proper context.


  • A alternate use could create a valuable service for TV news: separating ads from news content where the association could be in bad taste or confused as news.


NBCUniversal Is Beta-Testing a New AI Ad Offering to Reach Consumers in the Proper Context
ADWEEK | June 18, 2019 | by Sarah Jerde