‘…the biggest threat today is not coming from deepfakes, but from what are called “shallowfakes”: existing video that is being recycled, mislabeled, staged or re-edited.’

10,000 deepfakes may be circulating online, as ‘synthetic media’ keeps getting easier to make and harder to detect. Writing in Medium, Tom Van de Weghe, a foreign correspondent for VRT, summarizes his research about deepfakes while a Knight Fellow at Stanford.

His findings:

  1. It’s becoming easier to create a deepfake
  2. You, too, can become a target of deepfakes
  3. Deepfakes are becoming big business
  4. There is no silver bullet to detect deepfakes
  5. Blockchain could be part of the solution
  6. We should work more like detectives do

His piece provides details for each point.


Six lessons from my deepfakes research at Stanford
MEDIUM | May 29, 2019 | by Tom Van de Weghe